Marlon Bleckwehl – MarBleck EU

Marlon Bleckwehl – I am a person, that is more than interested in technology, out of Berlin, Germany.

IT Infrastructure – Administration

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Which experience I have?

I worked on very different projects, how it infrastructure administration in small agencies, web development to IT@School administration.

Under this section, I show you which topics I work the most.

UX/UI Design

I create with my customers there design for there web application or website.

Server administration

Server administration, I maintain, administrate your servers, and install updates for installed programs.

Web Development

With your input, brainstorming and enthusiasm, we create together your web application / website.

Network administration

Network administration, creation of the network, that fulfills your requirements, and makes your life easier not harder.


I have experience in school IT / administrate networks, computers and many more.

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When I have the capacities, to help you, I will help you.